How To Make An Acoustic Guitar

Hi everybody, welcome to a new tutorial. We are going to make one of my favorite instruments, an Acoustic Guitar. Trough the process of modeling I will show you one or two, maybe more, useful tips and tricks. The materials are very simple and easy to make and all of them will be procedural. I will also show you how to use curves for modeling, obviously for the strings but not just for that, there are a lot more interesting things to do with curves.

The first thing you need to do, before you start with modeling, you need to find reference images. Whatever you are modeling in blender always find as many reference images as you can. Besides the reference images you will need an image that you can use as a template, you can download the one to the right that I have prepared for you so no need to google that.

Part I

Modeling The Guitar Body

Learn About:

- using real world measures

- 3D modeling in general

- modeling with bezier curves

Part II

Materials For The Guitar Body

Learn About:

- creating different procedural materials

Part III

Head, Neck & Strings

Learn About:

- creating the strings with curves

- more modeling

- more materials

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